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I am an attorney and also a writer. When I am not advocating for clients, I write legal and political commentary, sports and cultural articles and fiction. I have been published online and in newspapers. 


Christopher DeMatteo

I am a trial attorney  with much of my experience representing individuals who are accused of crimes, injured physically or financially or involved with DCF. I ran my own practice, DeMatteo Legal Solutions, from 2012 to 2022. In March 2022, I joined the New Haven law firm Pattis and Smith as an Associate Attorney.


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Criminal Defense

Connecticut generally classifies crimes as felonies or misdemeanors, but some crimes which were once considered misdemeanors are now classified as felonies. For felonies and misdemeanors, violations and infractions provide a basis for charges against you.
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Family Law

The family law division of the Connecticut Superior Court hears cases involving family relationships, like divorce, separation, custody, child support, and restraining orders. Family law provides many options for you to modify child support.
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Juvenile Law

The same criminal statutes apply to juveniles (persons under 18) as adults. Juvenile delinquency matters emphasize rehabilitation rather than punishment, but the consequences are potentially serious.
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Even though some cases may be appealed as a matter of right, Connecticut’s appellate rules are complex, and deadlines are generally strict. Missing a deadline to an appeal may bar your appeal.
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Who you decide to work with makes all the difference
Courthouse Icon Many of our clients come to us with major problems and questions. We give you options and answers. We help you understand your rights. Together we solve your legal problems.

We practice law in the areas that matter most to people: their families and their freedom. Most people don’t plan to be arrested. A minor facing a juvenile judge fears the consequences. Parents seeking child support or visitation want to know their rights. Even a person convicted of a crime has rights of appeal. 

You possess rights which the law is required to protect. We strive to help our clients understand their rights, explore the options presented by the reality of individual cases, and then we work with you to achieve solutions. People come to us with problems and questions, and we do everything that we can to help them find answers.

Our attorneys meet personally and often with every client. You won’t hear us arguing or yelling, though, just listening. We are genuinely interested in the facts of your case. You can openly and honestly share your story with us, and rather than judge you, we will help you understand your options. 

We grew up in Connecticut and have practiced law in the courts throughout the state for years. We personally handle all aspects of your case, from drafting documents to appearing in court. Our attorneys are very accessible and often talk with people on weekends and nights if needed. You can count on us to focus our attention on your case.