Appellate Court Win

Following oral argument on April 19, the Appellate Court issued a decision last week in an appeal I was defending in the case of Parshall v. Josephy, A.C. 40083. My client won a civil judgment in Milford against the defendant. Abe Hoffmann, a fine civil attorney and colleague, represented him on the original case. The defendant attempted to reopen the judgment. Abe objected and the court agreed. The defendant appealed the denial of the motion to reopen to the Appellate Court. The Appellate Court sided with us and affirmed the judgment of the trial court. I don't do many appeals (maybe one or two per year) but I do enjoy them. I think the occasional appeal makes one a better trial lawyer. Part of trying a case is making a record for a possible appeal. Briefing an appeal requires considerable research and mastery of a subject which could be used in later cases. I always learn a lot with mine. The case still isn't completely over because the defendant could seek review at the state Supreme Court but I like our chances there too. 

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