Is Connecticut Going to Fully Legalize Marijuana?

Connecticut decriminalized the possession of a half-ounce (or less) of cannabis by adults in 2011. Possession was no longer a crime (carrying a potential conviction and jail time) but an infraction. Marijuana was still not legalized--it remained illegal to sell and also to possess in larger quantities. Medical marijuana was legalized in 2012 in Connecticut and is subject to strict licensing and prescription requires. 

Although marijuana remains illegal under federal law, some states, most notably Colorado and Washington, have legalized possession for recreational purposes and also licensed and taxed its sale. Alaska, Oregon, California and Nevada have followed suit. Washington D.C. has legalized possession (but not commercial sale) and our fellow New Englanders Maine and Massachusetts recently legalized possession and are working on a licensing and taxation scheme for its sale.

 It will probably be legalized in Connecticut at some point, but how soon? State Sen. Martin Looney (D-New Haven) has proposed a bill for the 2017 legislative session that would do that. The proposed bill reads: "That the general statutes be amended to permit the retail sale of marijuana, tax such sale in the same manner as the state of Colorado and provide that revenue from such taxation goes to the General Fund."

There's a long way to go and Gov. Malloy has stated that he would not sign a legalization bill but the state could use some money and is pretty good at taxing us, so it just might have a chance. 

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