Connecticut State Police New Year's DUI Patrols and Checkpoints

Back to back holiday weekends (Christmas and now New Year's) have led to increased traffic and traffic-related problems on our roads. Holidays also see an increase in drinking and, coupled with the increase in traffic, an increase drinking and driving. I've posted before that police must publicly disclose the locations for DUI checkpoints and roving patrols. Here is this weekend's list of patrols. Note that due to Monday being the observed holiday, there will be patrolling on New Year's night. These ar e just state police patrols for highways and major state roads. Local police may set up checkpoints on smaller roads. 

It is important to further note that police may and often do make DUI stops in their routine patrols. Many police officers will be out tonight. It does not take much to stop a car for a suspected DUI or a traffic violation and any traffic stop could easily lead to a DUI arrest. My advice: if you get drunk or even buzzed tonight, don't drive. Don't fight either. 

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