Criminal Record Expunged

You can't change the past. That always gets characters into trouble in time-traveling movies (although it eventually worked out for Marty and Doc). Criminal convictions can have long-lasting effects even after sentences end. Both misdemeanors and felonies can lead to collateral consequences, impact job prospects and just be a weight and reminder to the individuals who have them.

In Connecticut, the only way to expunge state crimes is through the pardon process. A few weeks ago, one of my clients was granted a hearing before the Board of Pardons and Paroles in Danbury. We had spent considerable time over the past couple years preparing his application. I helped him with the application and the hearing but he did the real work: he had to change his life and stay out of trouble for 20 years. That isn't always easy. He did more than that though. Much more. He went from jail to a job and has worked his way up through business. He's a good husband and father and active in the community.

Few people have the chance to start over and my client did more than that. He did more than most people despite having a record for a Robbery and drug charges. Above all, he walked into the Danbury courthouse a convicted felon. He walked out with the clean slate that he earned. 

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