Is It Legal To Drive Without Shoes in Connecticut?

Today's installment of "Is it Legal" takes us to an old classic. To recap, in my "Is it Legal" series, I type "is it legal" into a search engine and see what questions autocomplete gives me. I then answer it in accordance with Connecticut law. A popular question, with some variants, is "Is it legal to drive without shoes?" Or "Is it legal to drive barefoot?"

I actually included barefoot driving in my common legal myths post a few years back. I first heard it myself when I was in high school. In the spring of my senior year, a group of guys got into a car accident and just happened to be naked at the time. They wandered around until someone called the police and the Courant ran the headline, "Uh, There's a Naked Guy On My Lawn." One of the passengers went to my school. It was rumored there were originally four people in the car and one fled...naked into the woods. (It wasn't me.) I remember someone else saying that you're only required to wear shoes while driving and not clothes. 

What is the verdict on this one? Is it legal to drive without shoes in Connecticut? The answer is yes! Scanning the motor vehicle statutes, there is no provision regarding footwear for driving. You can wear any shoes or no shoes (or socks) while driving. When it comes to driving, safety and comfort are important. There are lots of shoes that are probably more difficult to drive in than shoeless feet. One of my friends who drove standard used to slip off her flip flops because she didn't want them to get caught when she shifted. 

As for the guys whose vehicular nudity saved their lives? The driver was ticketed for a lane deviation. 


This reminds me of a classic scene in Varsity Blues:

 There are a lot of illegal things going on here. Driving shoeless isn't one of them. 

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