Now Hiring: Part-Time Law Clerk

Last week I posted about my upcoming move to a new office in Hamden. The move coincides with the growth of my practice, to the point where I need some assistance. I am officially looking for a part-time law clerk, preferably a student at one of the nearby law schools. I expect approximately 8-12 hours of work per week which will range from legal research and writing, office work, file maintenance, trial preparation, client communication and whatever else needs to be done. I cannot pay a lot–at least not right now–but I will pay you and guarantee you will gain valuable experience and have a good boss. My practice covers criminal defense, juvenile delinquency and child protection, civil litigation and probate work. Many of my clients are in difficult situations beyond just their cases. In addition to knowledge of the law and a strong ethic, an understanding of our judicial system and the people who are most often in it is necessary.

If you know anyone who fits that description and is looking for part-time legal work, please ask him or her to check out my website and email me a résumé, cover letter and writing sample. 

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