Staying Open During the COVID-19 Situation - Going Remote

After a week of social distancing, Connecticut has stepped up its safety measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Gov. Lamont has ordered non-essential businesses closed. Are lawyers essential? To a society, absolutely. But are our offices essential? And are office visits essential? For me both are preferable. Despite having a very small practice, I've always had an office. I have files and furniture and like having a place to go to work and a place to leave my work, although I and almost every other attorney take work home and every where else I go. But I can work from home for now. Public health is more important than my personal preferences. Being truly solo much of my career I utilized technology to save time and money. Most of my files are stored online. I use an Internet phone system and can set calls to go to a cell phone app and also make outgoing calls from my cell phone as if it were my office landline. Even signing up clients can be done electronically through digital signatures and credit cards. 

Although it is hard to be a trial lawyer with courts nearly closed, cases are made with preparation and I have plenty of time to do that. There is plenty of work to do with organization and practice development as well.

I recently started making videos with the audio also released in podcast form - the Law Talking Guy. You can access the podcast here and the videos are on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  

Here's the character who spawned the term Law Talking Guy:


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