Steady Habits - Our Connecticut True Crime Podcast

With courts mostly shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, I've been focusing on producing content. Crime is also down because people are staying at home and not driving or going to bars. A decrease in crime is a good thing for society even if it negatively impacts my business. There is still a treasure trove of great crime stories. My wife and I are both fans of the law and crime stories (we are both attorneys). We watch Dateline and other shows and also listen to true crime podcasts. A while ago we decided to start our own. We finally recorded and published our first episode yesterday.

The podcast is called A Steady Habit of Crime (originally just Steady Habits) and it focuses on Connecticut cases. The first episode is called "Mad Dog and Meatball" and tells the story of the Mad Dog Killings committed by Joseph "Mad Dog" Taborsky and Arthur "Meatball" Culombe from December 1956 to January 1957. Taborsky had previously been sentenced to death for a 1950 murder but had his conviction vacated. Taborsky was the last person executed in the electric chair in Connecticut and was the second to last person executed overall (Michael Bruce Ross was the last, by lethal injection, in 2005). 

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We plan to produce one episode per week and will tackle some interesting cases, including Jim Morrison's arrest in New Haven, the Count of Grammercy Park, gangsters, the wood chipper case and more. 

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