Juvenile Court Wins

Won order of temporary custody (OTC) and neglect trials in juvenile court, which allowed the client to take her newborn son home for the first time after he was removed by DCF.

Habeas Corpus Trial Win

Won a habeas corpus trial by demonstrating that the client's previous counsel rendered ineffective assistance, earning him earlier release from prison.

Dismissal of Criminal Offenses

Secured numerous notes and dismissals for clients charged with criminal offenses, including a client who was defending herself in a domestic violence situation.

Breach of Contract

Won several civil judgments in breach of contract cases for business clients.

DUI and Alcohol-related Cases

Successfully challenged drivers' license suspensions in DUI and other alcohol-related cases; stopping suspensions and reinstating the clients' driving privileges.

Criminal Jury Trial Win- Not Guilty

State v. Gainey- A criminal jury trial in Meriden. The client was charged with Inciting Injury to Persons. Won Not Guilty on all counts for our client.