It is important to note that every case and every client is different. There are many variables that can affect the time and complexity of a case, especially criminal. For that reason, we cannot post specific fees for all case types. In order to quote a fee, we would have to discuss your case in detail. That said, we want prospective clients to know what they should expect to pay before discussing their cases. Below are ballpark fee ranges for several types of criminal and motor vehicle cases in southern Connecticut courts (New Haven, Milford, Derby, Meriden, Middletown, Bridgeport). While we will occasionally go to a court outside the area (such as Torrington, New London, Danbury, Waterbury or New Britain), we will likely have to charge more. Conversely, we offer various discounts to students and former and current client referrals. 

Criminal fees are split between pre-trial and trial representation. The trial fee, which is based on days of trial, only becomes due when a case is set for trial. 

Alcohol and Marijuana Infractions: $750 to $1500.

Motor Vehicle Offenses (non-DUI): $750 to $1600.

Misdemeanors (no charge higher than a misdemeanor): $1600 to $3500. 

Felonies (at least one felony; includes burglary, larceny, drug sale, weapon possession, risk of injury): $3600 to $7500. 

Serious Felonies (violent crimes, sexual assault, robbery, first-degree assault): $7500+

Administrative (DCF, DMV) and Parole Hearings (preliminary, final revocation): $1000 to $3000.

Hiring an attorney is one of the most important choices one makes and one that often must be made in a short amount of time. Money should certainly be a consideration but should not be the only consideration. Really, only you know the value of your freedom. Law is not immune from the concept of "you get what you pay for" in that cheap fees might lead to a cheap representation. When it comes to high fees, you do not always get what you pay for. We have a small firm and share an office with other attorneys. We do not have the same overhead as a large firm and can, fortunately, keep fees reasonable for clients. We do not bill hourly because the most important thing in a case is the result, not the billing time. You want to win and we want to win. We are united in our goals. That might not always happen when an attorney is billing hourly. We file motions and objections based on strategy, not billing. Additionally, trial and motion preparation are built into the daily trial fees because no matter how long it takes, we show up prepared.

Some lawyers sell time. We sell value. We aim for results. For that reason, we also now handle civil and child protection/guardianship cases on a structured flat fee basis. That means you pay an initial flat fee upfront and set fees at various stages in the case according to our pre-determined fee structure. We want clients to know what to expect and how much a case is likely to cost before going forward, without the fear of unknown billing. Please reach out via email for a copy of our rate card.