Administrative Agency and Action Attorneys in West Haven, Connecticut

You need a license to operate much more than a car in Connecticut and most other states. Many businesses and professions must be licensed by one of the state's many administrative agencies to conduct business and other activities, from hairdressers to hypnotists to contractors. Additionally, certain other activities, even for recreational and non-profit purposes, require permits from state or local agencies.

The administrative state is called a few things: bureaucracy, the "unelected fourth branch of government" and probably some choice words and phrases depending on your experiences. Regardless of the name, administration and regulation are major parts of law, business and life in the United States and Connecticut. 

Administrative Action Attorneys in Connecticut

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Chris and Tom DeMatteo of DeMatteo Legal Solutions have handled numerous administrative matters in Connecticut before serveral agencies and have obtained several successful outcomes after hearings and appeals. 

Just as an administrative agency can give, it can take away. Agencies can take action on licenses and license-holders. Actiions can include fines, suspensions and revocations. Fortunately, subjects of administrative action are entitlted to due process protections. While not the same as court trials, agencies hold administrative hearings which can typically be appealed. 

It is important to utilize the services of an attorney as early as possible when dealing with an administrative issue to avoid common problems and to just cut through the red tape. We are experienced in administrative law. Here's what we can do for you:

  • Find out what agencies and regulations govern your business or activity and help you navigate them
  • Prepare and review filings and other necessary documents
  • Represent and defend you in investigations and agency actions 
  • Appeal agency decisions

Don't wait until it is too late. Contact us to get started on your case.