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Daycare providers--even those based in homes--are required to be licensed by Connecticut's Office of Early Childhood (OEC). While there are certain exemptions to licensing and regulatory requirements, providers of childcare services fall under the jurisdiction of OEC and also DCF (Department of Children and Families). Operating without a required license could lead to the state taking legal action, including the levying of fines. 

OEC investigates potential violations and may take action on a license-holder. OEC may request corrective actions in response to a violation. It may also offer informal opportunities to resolve investigations without initiating formal actions. In the event OEC seeks to suspend or revoke a license, the license-holder has due process rights to administrative hearings and appeals. 

License actions are matters of public record. Even a settlement that does not revoke a license could harm a provider's reputation. For that reason it is important to utilize the services of an attorney who handle any investigation or agency action. 

Childcare providers also fall within DCF's jurisdiction because they are entrusted with the care of children. DCF investigates and can substantiate providers for neglect or abuse. Certain substantiations can lead to placement on the Central Registry. Any DCF action is likely to lead to an OEC investigation. 

When your license is on the line, your livelihood is on the line. Contact the administrative action attorneys at DeMatteo Legal Solutions to avoid any problems.