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Relationships do not always work out. When people no longer wish to be married, they need to get divorced, which is a legal process, also known as dissolution of marriage. A divorce not only dissolves the marriage, it also divides property and debts and resolves custody of children and other issues. 

Here are some facts about divorce in Connecticut:

  1. Connecticut, like most of the country, is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that a marriage can be dissolved if it "has broken down irretrievably.
  2. Connecticut is also an "equitable distribution," "all property" state when it comes to property division. That means that contrary to common belief, property is not divided in half or by any other set formula. In the event there is no agreement, nearly all property comes into play and can be distributed in the way the court deems most fair. 
  3. There is typically a 90-day waiting period for a divorce to enter after pleadings are initiated, however there are a few circumstances in which the time could be waived. Additionally, if certain circumstances apply, a divorce could be finalized without having to attend court. 

Divorce Attorney in West Haven and the New Haven and Ansonia-Milford Judicial Districts

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In order to initiate a divorce, one spouse must file a complaint in the Judicial District which has jurisdicition. The other party must file an Answer and could file a Cross-Complaint. Both parties could also file a joint petition for non-adversarial divorce if certain conditions apply.

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